Pedal Power Machine

dscf1324OLPC Afghanistan have developed a prototype human power machine that can charge the laptop as it runs / is being used and can even be run without difficulty by typical 3rd/4th graders.

The system connects the Freeplay hand crank with pedals underneath to enable the XO to be used as long as desired at home, into the night, etc; and it requires no additional or backup battery.

The human power system was designed by OLPC Afghanistan’s deployment technician Akmal Waak and Mike Dawson.  We hope that this will make XO deployment in the many areas beyond the power grid more effective.

The next prototype will be built to be smaller to be carried around and simply placed on the floor with rubber pads.

You can watch the demonstration of this machine in this video. Full specifications / diagrams will be published through the OLPC Wiki as soon as possible.