One Laptop Per Child Afghanistan

XO laptops in a classAfter successful deployment of 2500 laptops in 6 schools in Kabul, Herat and Jalalabad OLPC Afghanistan team is working hard to make more education, economic development and Health information content for the XO laptops. Currently the team has successfully developed health activity and economic development activity in three languages (Dari, Pashto and English). The OLPC team and other organizations supporting this project they think it was a big success, however Alanna Shaikh thinks the OLPC dream is over. In her post she says “The laptop, they promised, was the new pencil. It was going to revolutionize education in the developing world. It didn’t. The dream is over”.

Is the dream really over?

The OLPC team here thinks their hard work was not for nothing and they believe this project will be a milestone in Afghanistan’s history.

You can watch an informative video about OLPC Afghanistan here.