Those ignorant people, how on earth they expected to survive?

“Those ignorant people, how on earth they expected to survive?” this is a phrase I heard in a documentary film called “Earth-2100”. I have always tried to be green and think green and I have always been worried about the future of the world. There are many people like me who talk about environment and how to do something to save it, however, there is very little that they do.

We cannot stop the destruction of the environment by simply talking about it and organizing a few social events, truly there are many who use renewable energy and many who have stopped using plastic materials, and these are good things to do but these small things doesn’t change the course of the world.

The way we can make a change is to be very very serious about it and start a global movement which stands for what they think, we have to demonstrate to the governments like the French do, we have to tell them that we won’t stop until they take this matter seriously.

They have to make electric cars, make renewable energy the only source, and we all together have to change at once and not step by step.